sushi plate

East Asia’s Land of the Rising Sun is not just known for its rich history and vibrant culture. It’s also known for its people, who serve as the foundation of a history like never before; and its customs, which serves as the foundation of a culture like no other.

But if you think Japan’s cuisine is only limited to sushi and tempura, think again.

Below are some of the many wonders of Japanese cuisine:


Japan’s cookies are the perfect epitomes of both traditional baking and modern baking.

Traditionally, there’s Yoku Moku Japanese by baker Noriichi Fujinawa – a cookie that was inspired from the aftermath of World War II back in 1945 and the kind of joy Fujinawa saw in people as he distributed cookies, as well as the small town of Jokkmook in Northern Sweden and the kind of warmth Fujinawa experienced from people as he purchased ingredients.

Yoku Moku cookies are described to be simple, yet elegant – individually wrapped and put in a tin box with a seasonal design. There are 5 kinds of cookies in it: Cigar, Pleine Lune, Bateau de Macadamia, Billetau Chocolateau Lait, Billet aux Amandes Chocolate, and two more kinds that vary per season – all of which are perfectly crisp and amazingly tasteful.

And oh, let’s not forget about the drinkable cookies – a modern take on cookies and milk, which can either be served hot or cold.


Believe it or not, Japan’s fishes are also the perfect epitomes of both traditional cooking and modern cooking. Traditionally, there’s broiled yellowtail that is marinated in sweet soy sauce and fried blowfish that is served with salt and lemon. Modernly, there’s steamed fish that comes with lotus root or plain rice and in salt flavor or soy flavor.

Other fishes that can used – especially for grilling with just a bit of salt – steaming, include salmon, mackerel, snapper, and fresh water fish.

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