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9 of the Best Fishing Destinations to Add to Your Travel List

Fishing is such an amazing outdoor activity that you can enjoy in solitude or with family and friends. Regardless of skill level, there is something to be gained from the time you spend doing it. Whether for relaxation or sport, fishing is a great way to unwind and experience the positive effects of being outside. You can fish anywhere near your home. But there is nothing like casting a line in unfamiliar waters surrounded with breathtaking scenery. Here are six of the best fishing destinations you should add to your travel list.

Highlights: Wilderness fishing, several roadside fishing spots, numerous hidden getaways for fishing, rivers teeming with a wide array of salmon species, several other fishes to catch, breathtaking scenery, rich wildlife

Highlights: Numerous and fairly easy to catch bonefish and other fishes, extensive flats, beautiful scenery, pristine beaches,

Highlights: Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego is home to a high population of brown trout, a chance to catch large sea trout, breathtaking scenery

Highlights: Rivers teeming with salmon and a wide range of other fishes, coastal fishing, the Land of Fire and Ice is brimming with majestic scenery and natural attractions that include glaciers, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, rolling hills, verdant farmlands, and more

Key West, Florida
Key West
Highlights: Key West is a popular sport-fishing destination; sea, reefs, and flats teeming with fishes, plenty of interesting attractions and activities, delicious seafood dishes

Louisiana Wetlands, USA
Louisiana Wetlands
Highlights: Popular place for saltwater fly-fishing, marshes that are home to a massive population of fishes, only a few hours away from New Orleans

Prince Edward Island, Canada
prince edward island
Highlights: Prince Edward Island in Canada is a great spot to catch big tunas, accessible fishing spots, spectacular scenery

Highlights: Alphonse Island is an excellent place for saltwater fishing, shallow sandy flats that make it fairly easy to catch a bonefish

The Bahamas
the bahamas
Highlights: Stunning place to enjoy flats fishing, huge population of bonefish, other fishes to catch, scenic views, pristine beaches

How to Use a Wood Router The Right Way



A wood router is a tool used to hollow out an area of a piece of wood. It’s typically used for making cabinets and is commonly used as a plunging tool. Wood routers can add a profile to an edge, cut dovetail joints, and more. They’re versatile and useful in almost any wood project.

This article will discuss how it should be used to maximize its capability.


Different router bits will allow you to apply a broad variety of shapes to the edges of your workpiece. However, if they’re not installed into the collet of the wood router the right way, they can’t cut properly. A bit that’s incorrectly installed will chatter (excessively vibrate) which could lead to a rough profile or worse, to a more dangerous result. For your safety, install the router bits correctly by making sure they’re secure.

Step #1: Secure your material

You wouldn’t want to chase down your material across your work area, would you? Before using your router, make sure your clamp your material in place. But this is just one of the methods. Usually, a clamp can get in the way of the wood router and needs to be repositioned in the middle of the work. The other method is to utilize a router mat that can provide an excellent non-skid surface. Place your project on the mat, and you won’t have to deal with interfering clamps throughout the process. Wood router mats are available at almost any woodworking store or home center.

If the mat is losing its grip or at least it seems so, you can just rinse it with water to remove the dust attached to it.

Step #2: Wear protective gear


Don’t grab your router yet! Wear eye and ear protection before doing anything with your router. Wood routers can be loud which may lead to permanent ear damage. And, of course, I don’t have to emphasize the significance of wearing protective glasses when using handyman tools.

Step #3: Move the router in the right direction



To be safe while using your router, you need to go in the correct direction. When you need to rout the outside edge of a board, go counterclockwise. Going in the right way will prevent the wood router from climb cutting and moving away from you. Likewise, if you’re going to hollow out the inside edge of a frame, you should go clockwise.

Step #4: Begin at the right spot

If you have to rout all four edges of a wooden board, ensure that you make cuts in the right order. Begin from the end grain. As the router bit leaves the end grain, it might slightly crack the adjacent edge. Don’t worry; when you hollow out that edge, you’ll automatically clean up any damage.

What are you waiting for? Check out Kevin’s reviews of wood routers online and get one now!

What Makes Food Awesome


Admit it or not, food has now become a trend that never seems to end its reign. From gourmet dishes to street foods, our world is now basically dominated by everyone’s love for food.

But you know what?

That’s not even half of that story.

Believe it or not, food has also now become an icon that never seems to end its reign. From rice bowls to assorted platters, our world is now basically dominated by everyone’s taste for food.

And that’s not even half of that story.

You see, there are other factors that makes food awesome. And we’re not just talking about any kind of awesome here – we’re talking about the kind of awesome that makes one see food in a different perspective, as well as makes one experience food in a new way.

Such factor is place.

Yes, you read that right. What makes food awesome is place. It’s where the magic of slicing an ingredient happened. It’s where the magic of cooking a dish happens. It’s where the magic of serving a dish comes from. It’s where the magic of eating a dish came from.

Here are other places where you’ll find what makes food awesome:


Contrary to popular belief, swimming pools are not just great places for swimming and paddling a banana boat. You can also find what makes food awesome by the poolside, as you see for yourself how food is made sometimes in the bar and experience for yourself how food is made sometimes under the warm heat of the sun. Just remember, though, to make it a point to check out if the pool is maintained by the best automatic pool cleaner – for you to appreciate the view even more while enjoying your food.


Also, contrary to popular belief, river banks are not just great places for fishing and paddling a kayak boat. You can also find what makes food awesome by the riverside, as you see for yourself how food is cooked sometimes in the grill and experience for yourself how food is cooked sometimes over the soft blow of the wind. Just remember, though, to make it a point to check out if the river is maintained by the locals and other government authorities – for you to appreciate the view even more while enjoying your food.

How about you? How do you enjoy food? How do you know what makes food awesome?

Share your thoughts with us below!

The Many Wonders Of Japanese Cuisine

sushi plate

East Asia’s Land of the Rising Sun is not just known for its rich history and vibrant culture. It’s also known for its people, who serve as the foundation of a history like never before; and its customs, which serves as the foundation of a culture like no other.

But if you think Japan’s cuisine is only limited to sushi and tempura, think again.

Below are some of the many wonders of Japanese cuisine:


Japan’s cookies are the perfect epitomes of both traditional baking and modern baking.

Traditionally, there’s Yoku Moku Japanese by baker Noriichi Fujinawa – a cookie that was inspired from the aftermath of World War II back in 1945 and the kind of joy Fujinawa saw in people as he distributed cookies, as well as the small town of Jokkmook in Northern Sweden and the kind of warmth Fujinawa experienced from people as he purchased ingredients.

Yoku Moku cookies are described to be simple, yet elegant – individually wrapped and put in a tin box with a seasonal design. There are 5 kinds of cookies in it: Cigar, Pleine Lune, Bateau de Macadamia, Billetau Chocolateau Lait, Billet aux Amandes Chocolate, and two more kinds that vary per season – all of which are perfectly crisp and amazingly tasteful.

And oh, let’s not forget about the drinkable cookies – a modern take on cookies and milk, which can either be served hot or cold.


Believe it or not, Japan’s fishes are also the perfect epitomes of both traditional cooking and modern cooking. Traditionally, there’s broiled yellowtail that is marinated in sweet soy sauce and fried blowfish that is served with salt and lemon. Modernly, there’s steamed fish that comes with lotus root or plain rice and in salt flavor or soy flavor.

Other fishes that can used – especially for grilling with just a bit of salt – steaming, include salmon, mackerel, snapper, and fresh water fish.

Do you know any other wonders of Japanese cuisine? Let us know in the comments section below!

Why You Should Go Fishing


Let’s face it.

Most of us think fishing can only be done by professionals, as well as older people. But you know what? Fishing can actually be done by everyone, as well as little kids. It can also be done in ways like holding a contest to see who caught the biggest fish, as well as making the one who caught the smallest fish grill dinner – both of which are splendid ways to engage your loved ones more to go fishing with you.

That being said, here are more reasons why you should go fishing:

It keeps your body conditioned enough.

As you cast your rod over the water, your arm muscles will be conditioned – just enough to have the strength to pull the rod whenever you catch a fish. As you pull the rod whenever you catch a fish, your leg muscles will also be conditioned – just enough to take control of the situation without getting the fish back into the water or yourself getting thrown into the water.

It keeps your mind active enough.

Just like anything you do that involve strategy, fishing keeps your mind active enough – to be more alert whenever a fish is coming onto your bait, to be more mindful about the dangers of casting the rod over the water too far, and to be more careful as you pull the rod whenever you catch a fish.

BONUS: You get to spend more time with your loved ones.

Fishing is not just a great way to have a tasty dinner with your loved ones by either picnicking on the fishing site itself or going home to grill the fish you’ve caught with some of the world’s best patio bistro grill parts. It’s also a great way to spend more time with them, conversing with each other or even doing other fun activities as you wait for the fish to be caught.

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