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9 of the Best Fishing Destinations to Add to Your Travel List

Fishing is such an amazing outdoor activity that you can enjoy in solitude or with family and friends. Regardless of skill level, there is something to be gained from the time you spend doing it. Whether for relaxation or sport, fishing is a great way to unwind and experience the positive effects of being outside. You can fish anywhere near your home. But there is nothing like casting a line in unfamiliar waters surrounded with breathtaking scenery. Here are six of the best fishing destinations you should add to your travel list.

Highlights: Wilderness fishing, several roadside fishing spots, numerous hidden getaways for fishing, rivers teeming with a wide array of salmon species, several other fishes to catch, breathtaking scenery, rich wildlife

Highlights: Numerous and fairly easy to catch bonefish and other fishes, extensive flats, beautiful scenery, pristine beaches,

Highlights: Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego is home to a high population of brown trout, a chance to catch large sea trout, breathtaking scenery

Highlights: Rivers teeming with salmon and a wide range of other fishes, coastal fishing, the Land of Fire and Ice is brimming with majestic scenery and natural attractions that include glaciers, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, rolling hills, verdant farmlands, and more

Key West, Florida
Key West
Highlights: Key West is a popular sport-fishing destination; sea, reefs, and flats teeming with fishes, plenty of interesting attractions and activities, delicious seafood dishes

Louisiana Wetlands, USA
Louisiana Wetlands
Highlights: Popular place for saltwater fly-fishing, marshes that are home to a massive population of fishes, only a few hours away from New Orleans

Prince Edward Island, Canada
prince edward island
Highlights: Prince Edward Island in Canada is a great spot to catch big tunas, accessible fishing spots, spectacular scenery

Highlights: Alphonse Island is an excellent place for saltwater fishing, shallow sandy flats that make it fairly easy to catch a bonefish

The Bahamas
the bahamas
Highlights: Stunning place to enjoy flats fishing, huge population of bonefish, other fishes to catch, scenic views, pristine beaches

Benefits Of Juicing At Home


Ah, who doesn’t love a fresh juice or a refreshing smoothie? What’s more, it can be made right at the comforts of your own home!

Thus, here are some benefits of juicing at home:

  • It ensures that your body will directly absorb nutrients. You see, juicing is more than just getting yourself something fresh and refreshing to drink. Making your own juice drink at home – whether it’s done via the best masticating juicer or a blender – ensures that your body will be able to directly absorb the fruit or the vegetable’s nutrients, as opposed to “preservatives-filled” juice drinks in plastic bottles or cardboard boxes at the grocery store.
  • It helps your body get rid of toxins. Directly absorbing the fruit, the vegetable’s nutrients via juicing at home will mostly have two effects on your body: (1) improve your overall health condition and (2) help your body detoxify. That’s because the said nutrients will be evenly distributed throughout your body and in more than enough amounts to help your body fight off diseases and get rid of toxins lurking inside.
  • It helps you mix “healthy” and “favorite” together. Indeed, there’s a huge difference between “healthy food” and “favorite food.” Not all people love healthy food, but everyone have their own favorite food. The same applies to drinks. And when juicing at home, healthy and favorite can be mixed together for one fresh and refreshing drink you’ll surely love to have over and over again.

In conclusion, juicing at home offers more than just getting yourself something fresh and refreshing to drink. It also offers you the chance to be healthy, without totally compromising on what you love to eat or drink. Moreover, it helps improve your overall body condition – via directly absorbing the fruit or the vegetable’s nutrients, evenly distributing it all over your body, fighting off diseases, getting rid of toxins, helping with digestion, and reducing sugar intake.

So, what are you waiting for? Start juicing at home now!

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